Course Layout:

18 Holes;
7,059 Yards;
72.1 Rating; 130 Slope;
Par 72; 105 Bunkers  

Pro Tips for Front Nine:

Hole 1

Par 5
Yardage 548

This is a challenging par-5 opening hole with a good chance for a birdie. Two well-played shots can put you on or near the green. 

Hole 2

Par 4
Yardage 415

A well placed tee ball to this tight, deceptively difficult fairway is necessary for an approach to this large, elevated green. Par is a good score here.  

Hole 3

Par 4
Yardage 380

A good par-4 with a comforting, wide-open fairway. Take one club extra to this two-tiered green. 

Hole 4

Par 5
Yardage 497

A well bunkered par-5 that is easily reached with two good shots by the better player. Miss the fairway here, though, and you could be looking at a big number.

Hole 5

Par 3
Yardage 162

A beautiful, down hill par-3 with a large tree guarding the left hand side of the green. It is better to be short and right than over the green.

Hole 6
Par 4
Yardage 400

This is arguably the hardest hole on the front side. Hitting the fairway is a must, for trees and bunkers guard both sides of the fairway. Choosing the right club for your second shot is very important for your approach into this uphill, two-tiered green.

Hole 7

Par 3
Yardage 164

A good par-3. Getting your tee shot on the green on this medium length hole is paramount, as the green falls away on all four sides.

Hole 8
Par 4
Yardage 339

Finally, a breather! This is a short par-4 played with a short iron second shot to a large, elevated green. As with #3, though, be sure and take extra club for your approach.

Hole 9
Par 4
Yardage 452

A long, challenging par-4. Your tee shot should be placed perilously close to the left side of the fairway, which is guarded by three bunkers. A tee ball to the right side of the fairway will mean having to maneuver a large pine blocking entrance to this large, undulating green.

Pro Tips for Back Nine:

Hole 10
Par 5
Yardage 525

A strong par-5 playing uphill all the way. The green slopes severally from back to front, so be sure and place your approach shot below the hole.

Hole 11
Par 3
Yardage 206

Toughest (and longest) par-3 on the course. A mid to long iron tee shot to a narrow green. You shot must fly the whole way; run up shots are next to impossible.

Hole 12
Par 4
Yardage 369

A fun par-4. You will play your tee shot to a plateau roughly 50 feet above the level of the green. Play less club for your second shot to this large green.


Hole 13
Par 4
Yardage 456

Hardest hole on the back nine. A very long par-4 that requires a perfect tee shot to a fairway you cannot see from the tee. Your second shot is played to a narrow, kidney shaped green that again cannot be seen from the fairway.

Hole 14
Par 4
Yardage 382

A good tee shot here will leave you a mid to short iron to this large green. A truly beautiful hole with a picturesque pond guarding the right hand side of the green.

Hole 15
Par 5
Yardage 551

The signature hole at Georgia Veterans. A sweeping, dogleg-left par-5 with a tee shot requiring a precisely placed shot out of a chute of trees. Laying up for your second shot will leave you a short iron to this small, two-tiered green.

Hole 16
Par 4
Yardage 401

A tough par-4 that may require a lay up tee shot for longer players. Your second shot is played slightly uphill to a green than slopes from back to front.

Hole 17
Par 3
Yardage 179

A fun par-3 that rewards a well placed tee shot. The green falls away sharply on all approaches, creating a tough up and down if you miss the green.

Hole 18
Par 4
Yardage 443

A very good finishing hole. This is a long, dogleg left par-4 that ideally requires a drawn tee shot. The long, mid to long iron second shot to an elevated, two-tired green must be precisely played. Par is a good score here.